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Alcino Cunha

I’m an Assistant Professor at the Department of Informatics of University of Minho. I’m also a member (and currently co-coordinator) of the High-Assurance Software Laboratory, a research center of University of Minho and of the INESC TEC associate laboratory.


My research aims to make formal software design more accessible for all software engineers. Together with several collaborators at INESC TEC and ONERA, we developed the new version 6 of the popular Alloy formal specification framework, and also Alloy4Fun, a web application for sharing and learning Alloy. I recently also led a project that aimed to make formal analysis techniques easier to use by roboticists developing software with ROS. Some of these techniques are currently available in the HAROS framework. In the past, my research focused on the topic of model driven software development, namely I helped develop the Echo framework for model repair and (bidirectional) transformation.


13/07/22 Our paper Verification of Railway Network Models with EVEREST has been accepted at the Practice & Innovation Track of MODELS 2022! This was joint work with EFACEC in the context of the DigiLightRail project.
15/06/22 Our paper Quantitative relational modelling with QAlloy has been accepted at ESEC/FSE’22!
26/03/22 Our paper Schema-guided Testing of Message-Oriented Systems won the best paper award at ENASE’22!
02/05/21 Our Workshop on Quality and Reliability Assessment of Robotic Software Architectures and Components has been accepted at IROS’21. The live session is scheduled for October 1st, 2021, from 14h to 16h.
02/03/21 Our Electrum extension to Alloy will be part of Alloy 6!


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I love traveling, photography (Flickr, Instagram, 500px), and cycling (Strava). My wife Rosa Cabecinhas is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Social Sciences at University of Minho.